Looking after your jewellery

Jewellery is one of the most intimate and cherished accessories. Understanding how to care for and protect your treasures can make a world of difference in maintaining its beauty. All jewellery benefits from being handled and worn with care, and being kept clean. If you follow these guidelines, your Mie Argentum jewellery will shine longer.


Wearing jewellery in bed, while swimming, showering/bathing, at the gym and particularly when on the beach, in the sea or chlorine water should be avoided.

Everyday substances like hairspray, lotion, perfume or other cosmetics can contain chemicals that will permanently cause discolour. Always apply hair products and toiletries before putting on your jewellery to minimise potensial damage.
Keep away from extreme temperatures, humidity and sunlight, and avoid wearing your jewellery when using bleach and other household detergents.
Take care not to knock your rings or bangles on hard surfaces such as door handles or glass tables, as the metal may dent and scratch.


When not wearing jewellery, always keep it in a individual soft pouch, ziplock bag or jewellery box and out of direct sunlight and air to avoid tarnish. When in transit protect in a box or pouch. Jewellery should never be tossed into a drawer or on top of a dresser − that’s asking for scratches and marks.
Never keep your Mie Argentum together with accessories that aren´t made of precious metal as this will cause tarnish.


Polish your jewellery from time to time with the professional polishing cloth from Mie Argentum. If you need to clean your jewellery in water put it in a glass of warm water with a little bit of mild dish soap and a clean with a soft brush.


With time and wear your gold or rhodium plating will fade away. Pieces that rub together will have a shorter life. Take your Mie Argentum jewellery to your local jeweller for a gold plating renovation!