Behind the brand

Mie Argel is the founder and designer behind the Oslo – based brand Mie Argentum Jewellery. Besides being a designer she is also a goldsmith and has over 10 years of experience in the industry.

After many years going to school, searching into different creative genders, such as interior design, graphic design and arts, the conclusion was suddenly very clear, she wanted to study the art of gold smithing. From 2007 – 2010 she took her goldsmith education, and in 2010 she received her Journeyman certificate. In 2011 Mie Argentum was born.

Mie loves the craftsmanship that the profession gives her and will claim it´s her meditation. But after many years behind the bench, producing different kinds of jewellery, she wanted to create a new identity for Mie Argentum, gain more volume and explore the designing skills she possesses.

You could easily believe she was inspired by the organic shapes and beautiful scenery from where she grew up in the mountain village Hemsedal. But she is quite the opposite. She finds her inspiration among art, architecture and culture, but it is always the straight lines that catches her eye.

This is why her jewellery tend to look quite minimalistic, but in a timeless way. Some might say they are borderline masculine, with their hard edges and massive feel.